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The Leading source for hard to find sizes

Beacon Shoe Company has been serving the shoe industry for over a hundred years as a manufacturer and in recent years as an importer.


Westport-L Stock Colors (460x345)The shoes made overseas are quality inspected with the same concern that was used in our domestic factories. Our history in the women’s shoe market has been with the highest integrity. We are proud of our reputation just as we are proud of the accomplishments in the niche marketing of hard to find sizes and widths. Beacon is one of very few privately held shoe companies that can boast about having so many styles that have sold over a million pairs each.

Beacon’s history of events includes the transition from “NATIONAL TO NICHE”.   From frequent advertising in Woman’s Day, Glamour, Parade, and such the business evolution has brought us to being a strong source for true fit , hard to find sizes in a meaningful niche. Over the decades as the market has shifted so has Beacon’s position from PROMINENCE TO DOMINANCE. With the number of shoe retailers diminishing by the thousands, Beacon invested in size and width equipment to take a leading role in the specialty size market.  Sasha (460x345)

The staff members that comprise the Beacon Team convey sincere friendliness and old fashioned values. We believe in real comfort and affordable quality for the consumer.  Beacon has developed many comfort features still in widespread use.

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